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Golden Angels Apiary

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Golden Angels Apiary

From start to finish, in all phases of their operation, they use the most environmentally safe procedures as possible and methods that do not harm the bees nor the purity of the honey. They do not filter their honey; bees are air-blown from the honeycombs at the time of harvest, rather than chemically removed; wax moth damage is controlled utilizing a large freezer unit, rather than moth crystals, sulfur or other chemical means. Parasitic mite control, which has become a major issue in bee management in the past few years, is handled by vinegar vaporization, smaller foundation cell sizing, essential oil treatments. They specialize in raw honey. Unheated honey naturally crystallizes at some point. They also carry beeswax, propolis, comb honey, locally gathered bee pollen. They are happy to give farm tours and do a small mail order business. They are widely available at practically all health food stores in Virginia.


Rockingham County

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