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Exhibit Closing Reception- Bruce and Joann Couch

Barns of Rose Hill


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Your last chance to catch the Joann and Bruch Couch Exhibit! There will be light hors d’oeuvres and a cash bar. Walk-ins are welcome. After the reception, don’t miss the concert with the The Derailleurs. Please note that the exhibit is free, but the concert is a ticketed event.
Joann Couch Artist Statement: My paintings are a personal reflection of how I see the world around me. Where others rely on lines and muted tones, my work is dominated by dramatic color and bold shapes. These are my tools of choice for capturing human emotion. The works of Matisse, the Fauves and the Bay Area Figurative School painters, as well as my early instructors at the Ringling School of Art, had a strong influence in shaping my approach. But it is my own emotions and feelings about how we interact with the world around us that fuels my work. I have a fantasy about the world, and when reality matches that ideal, my work embodies happiness. In other instances, I’m expressing my anger and sadness, and attempting to create a stop-action feeling, similar to the photographs from which I begin my work, so you will pause, consider, and reflect. The movement of my own hand and body are the motivating energy behind my acrylic, pastel and charcoal paintings. Propelled by my feelings and emotions over my subjects, my work often reflects an immediacy and spontaneity. Large-scale canvases give my fingers, landscapes and other subjects room to move and exist. While my figures are fairly realistic, my focus is on their expressive quality, as displayed through bright colors, or strong contrasts of light and dark, and a casual looseness. Often, I use my hands to take away or put back so that the final form exhibits an improvisation and fluidity; all at once, my paintings are figurative, expressionistic and impressionistic. My newer work focuses on my feelings about how we live in this world and our evolution. Much of my work showcases the brilliant beauty in nature — the common ground connecting us to each other and to generations before and after us. Underlying all of my work is a sincere optimism and basic faith in our beauty, society and humanity.
Bruce Couch Artist Statement: Why do I have so much trouble writing a statement of my artwork? Because it varies widely in subject matter, technique and especially mood. People and animals have always dominated the canvas because they are a snapshot in time, capturing the moment as they say. Style or technique seem to dictate either paint on canvas or drawing with pastel or charcoal.
All are influences from art school (VCU) where drawing was emphasized , ad agency work where design is of utmost importance, studio work as and illustrator and photographer, multi media including screen printing, gold leaf, air brush and faux finishing. For 40 years plus, I have been a journeyman sign writer, using all of these skills in sign creation.
I have had multiple shows, pieces in collections private and public and love it all
Times: 5 PM– 7 PM

June 26, 2021


5:00 pmEDT


cost not specified

Venue Details

Barns of Rose Hill
95 Chalmers Ct
Berryville, VA 22611

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